Create conscious real-estate solutions that enrich lives and redefine living.

What started as a passion project to change the face of real estate in Bengaluru soon evolved into one of the leading developers in the city. ISR Constructions Pvt. Ltd. was established over 15 years ago with a single vision of constructing aesthetically appealing, yet super-functional buildings for the community.


Sustainable and progressive living avenues for the growing young India

But as we go on constructing, are we building a wall between resources and our future generations? These are the kind of questions we have set out to answer with our projects. We aim to create a sustainable real-estate market that caters to the needs of the community without compromising on the future. Our team of experts are always on the lookout for quality raw materials and innovative technology that helps us make a good building into a great one.

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Promise what is possible. Deliver when said. Stay true to every commitment we make and imbibe integrity as the very core of our thinking. Icon_Integrity


Preserve the most precious real estate - our planet, through conscious decision making and attempting to regulate carbon footprint in every dimension Icon_Sustainability


We are in the business of creating homes - which is great power and thus with it comes a greater responsibility. Icon_Responsibility
Our Core Values


Architecturally Impeccable
With well-calibrated engineering, human-centric designs and aesthetic superiority we possess the capability to create architecturally impeccable concepts & projects.
Multi-Dimensional Experts
We have created successful projects across varied domains of real-estate, right from residential apartments, commercial buildings, villas, farmlands and plots.
Design Excellence
We reflect modern living and its nuances in our design approach. We understand space,the individuals that dwell within it and the community that builds around it.
Apartments, Villas, Farmlands, Open Plots, Commercial

Expertise In Multiple Real Estate Domains

With its indomitable presence across the real estate platforms – both residential and commercial, ISR Constructions Pvt Ltd., is in the process of developing villa communities and farmlands in line with customer tastes and demand. Customer centric building experience has enabled us in converging aspirations with designs and bringing forth very many successful projects. This has translated into our ever growing customer base. We are gearing up for bigger milestones.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR

Serving The Community, Towards A Social Cause.

We strive and aim to bring a substantial difference to the lives of impoverished, needy, deserving but marginalized people; A substantial difference that is tangible in nature and which has a positive impact in transforming the lives

ISR Foundation, a not for profit Company registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, is a fully owned subsidiary of ISR Constructions pvt ltd. We operate this non-profit org with passion, dedication, commitment and focus on reaching out to the remotest corners in our Country and transform the lives of poor, needy, vulnerable, weak sections of society that still remain isolated and lack proper nourishment, dressing, shelter, education & livelihood. We tend to facilitate projects that satisfy these basic essential needs and enables them to live a life of dignity and empowers them towards betterment in the society. We prioritize our actions in taking care of providing their urgent needs first and then gradually enabling them to take care of themselves. We believe that an effective philanthropic act shouldn’t merely be act of ‘Providing’, but an act of ‘Enabling them to become Self-sufficient’. Hence, all our philanthropic activities are driven with a strong sense of definitive purpose and accomplishment and not just an obligation.

For more information on ISR’s CSR initiatives, please visit our website:

Our Initiatives

  • Women Empowerment
  • Child Trafficking
  • Human Rights
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Gender Equality
  • Hunger Relief Camps
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